Promoting the Books Authored by Readers of This Blog

Every now and then I hear about a book written by people who read this blog. If you see this and will let me know what you have published I would be glad to link to it through amazon or wherever you like. Comment below and I will begin adding the links.

  1. The Feast by Joshua Graves.
  2. Missing More Than Music: When Disputable Matters Eclipse Worship and Unity by Danny Corbitt
  3. Letters from the Lamb by Tim Archer and Steve Ridgell

What have you written?

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  1. cordobatim says:

    Does “about to be published” count? Our book Letters from the Lamb (co-authored with Steve Ridgell) is due out next month.

    Our Facebook page with info, book video, etc., can be seen here:

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. Tim Archer says:

    Sorry that I’m WAY late on this. I don’t know that our publisher will put the book on Amazon, but here’s a link to their site:

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