What Would Jesus Eat?

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According to the the What Would Jesus Eat Cookbook, Jesus was quite the food connoisseur. He ate Mediterranean Cheese Tart with Cilantro Salsa as an appetizer, Leek and Potato Soup, Lebanese Cabbage Rolls as the main course and let’s not leave out the Fruit Smoothie for desert! If this is so why was he left with just loaves and fish to feed the masses? Maybe they came because they heard he was such a good cook and were let down by the loaves and fish.

To be fair the title is What Would Jesus Eat not What Did Jesus Eat. Colbert never says Jesus ate any of these recepies in particular. The focus is on having a healthy mediteranean diet with the types of food you would find in that region of the world. It still strikes me a little funny.

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  1. Jesus would eat unprocessed food. Food cooked from ingredients bought at in the fresh produce section of the supermarket, not from the centre aisles where everything is processed and packaged. Jesys would eat real food.

  2. In the “for what it’s worth” category, we ate Easter lunch made from recipes in this cookbook. Everything was delicious. Very different, but wonderful.

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