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can a guy worth an estimated $50,000,000 make a movie slamming capitalism. Not that capitalism is perfect by any stretch of the imagination but surely Michael Moore is smart enough to realize the irony as he laughs all the way to the bank.

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  1. I have to agree with you on this one. Do you remember the movie he made on the health care crisis? I wonder how much has actually gone to help those without adequate health care? That is why, as much as I agree with Michael Moore on the need for a public health option, I don’t think he helps any cause he strives for.

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  2. I hope that he stays away from the silly stuff & keeps it serious with this documentary. Because I do wonder whether a vast majority of Americans — including you & me — are being exploited by a select few on Wall Street. Did you ever see the Jim Cramer interview on The Daily Show?…

    I mean, they’re not doing benevolence up there on Wall Street. But we’re meant to think they do. And all the while are they playing roulette with all of our retirement funds???

    I hope Michael Moore keeps it serious & shines some light on corruption that’s there. And I hope he keeps the antics & ideology to a minimum.

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