God Does the Healing

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My father-in-law who is a chiropractor pointed out that all the medical professions do is line things up for the body to work properly and heal. They don’t actually do the healing. God designed us in such a fantastic way to be able to heal our bodies. He knit us together so perfectly (Psalm 139:13-14). Doctors take credit for much and rightfully so but in the end it is God who does the actual healing. Doctors didn’t design our bodies. Doctors don’t make chemical reactions react the way they do in just the right sequence to bring healing. God does. When Jesus healed people he actually healed. He did more than just line the body up to heal itself…that can takes days, months and even longer. When he healed people he instantly made them whole and well again. He had the power and authority to do that because of his divinity.

As I pointed this out to Jim today he made the point that this is also true spiritually speaking. Evangelism is an effort to line things up so that God can work the way He works. We don’t do the saving. We don’t do the healing. We just allow ourselves to be used to put things in an advantageous position for God to do those things himself. It is important for us to realize that evangelism and bringing spiritual healing to people doesn’t solely depend on us getting it all perfect and having just the right words to say. All we can do is position ourselves and others in the most advantageous position as possible and then realize that the other 99% of healing is wholly dependent upon God.

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