Something So Amazing You Have to Bring Someone Else to See it

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What would be something so amazing that you would have to go get someone and bring them to see it as well? Let’s say you were walking down the street and you so a man throwing basketballs threw an outside window in a gym. From deep inside the gym after each shot you heard the faint but distinct sound of a swish over and over again…every shot was being drained. Not one missed. Would you be impressed? Would you be so amazed that you would want other people to see it too? Maybe you would encourage him to go on America Has Talent (the title of the show in proper English). You see where I am going don’t you…

There were times in Jesus’ ministry that people were so amazed by him that they had to go tell someone else. Other times they took it a step further…they actually went and pulled someone from whatever it was they were doing and brought them to meet Jesus.

When do we lose that sense of wonder? Why were some in his day more impressed with healed legs than forgiven sins? Why are some today more impressed with a guy shooting basketballs through a window than with forgiven sins or God on a cross or a resurrection that we can all experience called baptism? Maybe it is time to walk side by side with Jesus again and journey with him through a study of his life and ministry. Over the next few months I will periodically be posting on the Gospel of John in a way that I hope is inspirational to you, eye-opening, but most importantly will hopefully renew in us an intensified grasp of just how awesome Jesus Christ really is and how he should inspire us to want to bring someone else along for the ride.

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