Singing Songs We Don’t Really Mean

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Have you ever…

  • sung “I Surrender All” while holding back areas of your life from God’s control?
  • sung “Bind Us Together” while holding a grudge against another Christian?
  • sung “Amazing Grace” while deep down inside having more legalistic tendencies than grace-filled ones? [Amazing to me that this is one of the favorites of congregations that espouse extreme legalistic viewpoints and doctrine]
  • sung “Abide With Me” but were more likely to invite the world into your weekly routine than God?
  • stood to sing “I Stand in Awe of You” but inside really lacked awe and wonder at the amazing nature of what God has done for us through Christ Jesus?
  • sung “As the Deer” with little actual desire for God in your heart?
  • sung “Be Still My Soul” but actual revel and thrive in a life of tension, chaos, and disorder?
  • sung “God’s Family” but had a divisive and contentious spirit toward others in the congregation…maybe were even fueling a split that was about to take place?
  • sung “Ring out the Message” but haven’t told someone about Jesus in as long as you can remember?
  • sung “There’s Power in the Blood” but had a hard time actually feeling forgiven?

We all have these areas of our life that are in conflict with our outward actions, words, and even praise. We get caught up in singing the right notes, at the right pitch, and the correct tempo but how often do we reflect on the applicability of our song to what we are dealing with in our lives? Are we just going through the motions or do we mean what we sing?

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