Cash for Clunkers = Free Pizza?

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Wednesday is free pizza day at Papa John’s to anyone who owns a Camaro. This is in honor of Papa John’s founder John Schnatter being reunited with his 1971 Camaro that he sold in 1983 to start his pizza business. Of all the new Camaro owners under C4C, who knew they would get a free pizza out of the deal…I guess he hadn’t yet invented the little plastic Papa John’s signs made for the tops of delivery cars in 1983. It would have been a nice touch though.

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  1. Interesting story. My first car was a grey, 1985, two-door Chevy Cavalier. Hatchback. Drove it from 1992 until 1999. It wound up in an Arkansas junk yard. I doubt it’s still in one piece any more.

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