Public Health Care – Can We at Least Agree to…

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get social security and medicare under control first? The government hasn’t proven to us (Republican and Democrat alike) that they can keep their hands out of the piggy bank (our piggy bank, mind you). Why should they get any control over more health care until they make a pledge to end taking funds from social security and show they have a viable plan to keep these afloat first?

Social security is projected to run out of funds by 2037 and medicare by 2017.

One thing I learned from my days in psychology – The best predictor of behavior is past behavior. There is no one who knows how to bankrupt a system better than the federal government becaue they aren’t held to the same standards and oversights as private companies and organizations. They call for more and more regulation of the private sector. Maybe it is time we demand more oversight of the federal government. We fault our congress people but maybe we are partially to blame for not holding them accountable for using and abusing the system.

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