Pocket New Testament With Leviticus and Habakkuk

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kjvOne could only wish…Have you ever seen a pocket New Testament paired with the Old Testament books of Leviticus and Habakkuk? I know I haven’t. These diminutive mini-me sized New Testaments are always paired with Psalms and Proverbs because those are the two books of the Old Testament that are helpful through all the seasons of life and are often frequented by Christians. The Bible does such a great job reflecting real life. It doesn’t gloss over problems, failures and pain but it also doesn’t paint a picture of hopeless gloom and doom either. One reason the psalms are so popular is because no matter where you find yourself in life there is something there that resonates with the raw emotion of your current situation. One interesting fact about the psalms is that there are just as many praise psalms as there are lament psalms…talk about balance. I often wonder if we are far too concerned over bothering God too much. If the psalms are any indication maybe He wants to be “bothered” by us more often than we like to think. I think Walter Brueggemann said it best, “It is a curious fact that the church has, by and large, continued to sing songs of orientation in a world increasingly experienced as disoriented.” I think we could say the same thing about our prayer lives…that far too often we pray “right side up” prayers when our world seems “upside down.” If the Bible itself serves as an example in this then one message it might be trying to tell us is that God would actually like to hear how we really feel even if everything isn’t so rosey.

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