New World Record in the 100m – 9.58

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Unbelievable. Usain Bolt shattered his previous record set in Beijing running a 9.58 at the Berlin World Championships. I have never seen someone do something that is so difficult and make it look so effortless. World records in the 100m usually come hundredths of a second faster than the previous record. Bolt has now taken off a full tenth of the old record twice in a row. What is more, his two world records came exactly 1 year apart. You have to give recognition to America’s Tyson Gay who came in second with a 9.71, the third fastest 100m in history.

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  1. Its incredible bolt is this fast with another WR and was so under the radar until the olympics, with everyone talking about powell and gay. I cant wait to see if he can break 9.4, impossible.

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