Blessed By Studying About Worshipping God Today

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I am teaching a class on worship tonight in our Men’s class. It is part of our “Core Beliefs of Christianity” class series. I have been truly blessed today by studying and meditating on what worship is all about….actually, who it is all about. The Greek and Hebrew words for worship all have the underlying idea that we bow down to or serve someone greater than ourselves. We show them reverence and awe because of their greatness. We bow before God and even lay flat on our faces before Him in humble submission realizing just how insignificant we are and just how great He is. The song “I stand in awe of you” would probably say, “I bow, I bow in awe of you…” in their day!

I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to realize how great we are and how great God is at the same time. When you realize how great God is, you certainly won’t be considering your own greatness. What is more, your own “greatness” will seem like pennies compared to the limitless power, authority, and splendor that characterizes our God! More specific thoughts and reflections on scripture and worship later.

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  1. Had just finished reading Job 38,39, & 40 and then checked you post out. Amazing how much they went together. Thanks.

  2. Great meditation, Matt.

    I think about Is. 64:6 and how our righteousness is as filthy rags. I know that as a minister, sometimes I get to thinking “I’m pretty doggone good!” Big in the britches, you know. đŸ˜‰ But in comparison to God, my pathetic facsimile of what God calls “righteousness” — my puny attempts to measure up — they’re all as filthy rags compared to God’s goodness.

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