Where Did God Come From?

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Last night at Vacation Bible School a 6 year old boy asked, “Did God have good parents for him to turn out so good?” Wow. What an honest question coming out of total innocence. I was amazed that he made the connection that good kids must have good parents and because God is so good that his parents must be pretty great. With all the questions of why does God allow this or why do certain bad things happen, maybe it is even more important to take on the perspective of an innocent child and start seeing God as good again.

On a side note some of the other kids were more upset that the baby lambs had to die at Passover than the first-born Egyptian kids got killed by the destroyer. One five year old asked in a most dramatic voice, “Why did the poor…helpless…motherless…fatherless lambs have to be killed like that?”

So where did God come from? The answer is, He didn’t. Hard to get our minds around when everything else came from somewhere.

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