Gators and Disc Golf Don’t Mix

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I was out playing disc golf this morning at a local course. One of the interesting things in Florida is it is not unusal to see alligators in any given body lake or pond. I heard some city workers yell something about a gator in the water. The only problem was, I was chest deep in said water retrieving an errant disc. Needless to say, I only stayed in for a few more minutes 😉

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  1. Disc Golf is one of the most “spiritual” activities I have done over my last 10 yrs of ministry. The time spent with youth & friends is invaluable…but it’s not worth loosing a limb!

  2. I’ve done the same thing but never had to worry about alligators. I think, if I lived in Florida, I would tell the water that received my errant disk, “You can have my Orc. I’ll get another!” LOL

    1. It was a tie dye champ wraith. At least I have 3 more…I lost an Orc the week before. I normally don’t lose many discs but over the last two weeks I have lost several. I chalk it up to a shoulder injury that has impaired my throwing over the last few months.

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