Top Church of Christ Blogs (July 2009)

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Thanks to Jay Guin for updating the list. It is a lot of work and hadn’t been done since January. I kept this blog out of the running on the original list. I don’t like to post something if I have a horse in the race. But Jay insisted I included my blog in the list. If my memory is right my ranking didn’t change if I had been in the previous list. So here are the results:

Alexa Rank Rank (Jan 09) Rank (July 09)
Edward Fudge 58,527 2 1
Al Maxey 106,941 1 2
Jay Guin 477,301 7 3
Grace Conversation 920,379 unranked 4
Matt Dabbs 1,153,031 unranked 5
Cecil Hook 1,165,200 3 6
Mike Cope 1,368,893 4 7
John Mark Hicks 1,726,067 unranked 8
Jim Martin 1,908,733 13 9
Larry James 1,978,166 8 10
Trey Morgan 2,121,816 5 11
Phil Ware 2.7 mil unranked 12 2.7 mil 14 13
Patrick Mead 3 mil 17 14
Bobby Valentine 3.1 mil 24 15
Milton Stanley 3.2 mil 9 16
Alan Rouse 3.4 mil unranked 17
Dallas Burdette 3.5 mil unranked 18
Phil Sanders 3.57 mil unranked 19
Tim Archer 4.7 mil unranked 20
Wade Hodges 5 mil 6 21
Dale Jenkins 5 mil unranked 22
Matt Clifton 5.3 mil unranked 23
Nick Gill 5.4 mil unranked 24
Ocular Fusion 5.7 mil 15 25
Brandon S Thomas 5.72 mil 10 26
Keith Brenton 5.73 mil unranked 27
Bill Williams 6 mil 20 28
Jim McGuiggan 6.4 mil 18 29
Todd Deaver 7 mil unranked 30
Political Cartel 8.2 mil 12 31
Gil Yoder 8.6 mil unranked 32
Royce Ogle 8.775 mil unranked 33
Kinney Mabry 8.785 mil 19 34
James Nored 8.8 mil unranked 35
Zane Petty 9 mil 16 36
Terry Rush 9 mil 25 37
Terry Laudette 9.8 mil unranked 38
Chris Guin 10.6 mil unranked 39
Seth Simmons 11.7 mil unranked 40
Tim Spivey 11.7 mil unranked 41
Wes Woodell 13 mil unranked 42
Jonathan Storment 14 mil unranked 43
Rex Butts 17.8 mil 23 44
John Dobbs 19 mil 21 45
Matthew Morine 20 mil unranked 46
Mitchell Skelton 20 mil unranked 47

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    1. Thanks, Wes. I didn’t realize you had found my blog on alexa before I did this morning. I should have read the comments before I tried to find it myself.

      Also, thanks Matt for adding my blog to your list.:)

  1. I’m staggered at being #23 and looking at the other names — I guess I’d better get writing — I didn’t realize I had more than about 5 readers!

    1. Les,

      I am not sure how to get alexa to recognize it. I would recommend installing the alexa toolbar for a start. Then when you visit your blog, maybe that will help it see you are out there with a little more frequency? Not sure other than that. Alexa is seeing you have incoming links.

  2. Hey just found this post. Looks like I’m a donkey among stallions 🙂 Actually I’m honored to just make the list.

    I’ve found that Alexa is a good program for checking my blog’s rankings when it comes to page views (or clicks), but it doesn’t pick up your readers, feedburner readers or email readers such as feedblitz. That means that it’s pretty tough to get a real picture of actual readers from Alexa.

    I’ve looked, I’m not sure there’s actually a program that checks all those things. Do you know?

    1. Feed readers do nothing for your traffic unless the person reading clicks a link into your blog. Feed readers use bots to scan for new content that don’t show up as visits. They take the data and show it to subscribers via email or web interfaces like bloglines or google reader. So you can have 1000+ readers via feedreaders and still make #30 on the list. It isn’t likely because if your blog is really read by that many subscribers, you would almost certainly get tons of traffic due to click ins, etc.

      So there is no one way to quantify all of it. In an ideal world people would submit to me their average traffic for a month defined by average daily visitors (which wordpress doesn’t even give in their stats) along with the number of subscribers (email + bloglines + google reader, etc). Then we could come up with a system to weight it all and try to quantify it into a better, more accurate list.

  3. That’s an excellent explanation. I’d been told the same thing by my “internet guru.” Although Alexa doesn’t give a true view of actual “readers” of a blog, it’s still fun to look at 🙂

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