What Makes You Valuable?

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The world is loud and clear that what makes you valuable is your ability to help or advance the person assigning value. If you can advance their career, benefit their family, or assist someone in something valuable to them, then you have value. Bottom line – your value is based on my perception of your ability to do something for me. Think about it, which are you more likely to spend $50 on? Are you morel likely to drop $50 on dinner for someone who might hire you or give you a promotion or are you more likely to give $50 to a guy with a cardboard sign standing at a nearby intersection? In both cases we lose $50 but in the first instance it is viewed as worth it because the $50 is more about us than it is about the other person.

God’s economy of worth doesn’t work like that. It is a great concept because there is nothing we can do to make God’s net worth go up. So our value in his eyes is not based on what we can do for him because he already owns everything. I love what Randy Harris says about this, “There is nothing you can do that will make God love you more than he already does.” That is a powerful concept. Whether we have $1 million in the bank or are in debt up to our eyeballs, God still loves us because he does not love us based on our potential to elevate or advance his position in the world.

What makes a person valuable? A person’s value is assigned by the One who has created them with value and the standards of the world can never detract from that. So beautiful or plain, tall or short, skinny or heavy, wealthy or poor…it doesn’t matter. You are valuable to God and that means as Christians…each and every person should be valuable to us as well. I wonder how often and how easily we buy into the world’s standards for what makes a person valuable rather than God’s standard?

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