Emasculated by Winnie the Pooh

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I am pretty sure that is the most disturbing post title to date. But there is a back story. Missy, Jonah and I were in Walgreens yesterday getting pictures developed. Jonah was playing in his stroller and he had this musical Winnie the Pooh toy hanging in front of him. Now don’t get too worried at this point. Jonah turns out fine! As we were leaving there were four guys in their early twenties at the checkout. They looked like they were getting ready for a day at the beach. Just as we are walking behind them to go out the door Jonah hits one of the buttons on Pooh and Pooh starts singing in that most unmanly Pooh voice – “Today is a wonderful day! Today is a wonderful day! Oh, there’s so much here to learn…yada yada.” Pushing a stroller, Pooh singing his song and I couldn’t have felt prouder to be a dad! I will say I had to check my pride for just a moment and then Missy and I both started laughing in the parking lot.

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  1. It takes a whole lot more to be a father and push a stroller than to wear muscle shirts and sunscreen at Walgreens. Push that stroller proud – Daddy!

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