Blessed are the…

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One of the things that strikes me first about the Sermon on the Mount is the way it begins. “Blessed are the…” He must have really thought it was important because he says it nine times! Anything Jesus says nine times in a row ought to get our attention. The beattitudes, as we call them, starts off one of the most powerful sermons ever delivered with the foundation that there is a connection between God and mankind that results in blessing. This blessing is not some feel good thing or psychological well being (although those could be biproducts). Jesus starts off this sermon reminding us that those who are seeking God actually do receive something directly from God (comfort, mercy, filling, etc). We have God’s attention and God reaches down and does something favorable in our lives.

Isn’t it great to know God cares and that he is willing to make a difference in our lives in times we need him the most. I hope today you are able to recognize God’s blessings in your lives. It is not unusual for God to bless us, we often just aren’t looking for them in the right places.

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