Ten Things I Wonder About

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  1. Why do gas pumps start slowing down a whole dollar before it hits the amount you paid for? That takes forever!
  2. Since Peter tells us that all God’s people are “royal priests” does that mean any Christian can park in “clergy parking” at the hospital? Or does that still require being on a church payroll to park there?
  3. What is the second half of Zechariah talking about?
  4. Why do churches split over things like how Jesus will return? Who cares exactly how it happens. We haven’t been told exactly how it will all take place. Now let’s just all get along!
  5. Will we even care to have all of our questions answered when we get to heaven. Will anyone really care who shot JFK?
  6. If they make snuggies and mini-snuggies…why not have plus size snuggies? Or are snuggies “one size fits all”?
  7. Why doesn’t the White house know how to use photoshop? You can get photoshop and a decent Mac for well under $325,000 and you can even feel good about actually releasing the photos without people panicking in the streets!
  8. Why do people complain about the “new facebook” when the next time facebook makes a change they are sad the “old facebook” is gone? The old facebook used to be the new facebook those same people hated!
  9. 15 minutes of special announcements, 20 minute communion talk, 35 minutes of singing, 15 minute shortened sermon due to “going over” and people complain that the sermon was too long…explain that one!
  10. Why is it that when you are at a live event that has a big screen showing what you are watching that you watch it on the screen rather than it actually happening right in front of your face? I have found myself doing this at sporting events or speeches…you are there live and yet you find your eyes glued to the events in delay on a nearby screen.

What do you wonder about?

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  1. (9) The rational part of me completely hears what you’re saying, but unfortunately I have an irrational side too. Here is my theory as to why it makes people mad–including me. 🙂 It is not because I like one or the other. It is that as soon as we get used to one, they change it and make us have to learn a new one. It is not that I just liked the old one better; it is just a hassle to have to “relearn” how to navigate through it.

    Happy to help, 🙂

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