The Question

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My wife Missy has about as many questions as anyone I know. They are not just questions for the sake of asking questions. She is genuinly curious and wants to know the answer. When we were dating and even a few times in our marriage she would ask “The Question.” It would go something like this – “If there was one thing right now that you wouldn’t want to tell me what would it be?” Isn’t that just great!?! I mean, there is no good answer to that question. It is a set up for failure. Or maybe it is a setup for success if you really feel safe enough with someone to tell them how you really feel or something they may not want to hear. I honestly can’t remember any of the answers I have given to that question. I suppose I could just be repressing the memories but I do know that I answered it honestly and things are still going well today!

Maybe we need more questions like that in our marriages in order to promote more openness, honesty and transparency. It is a shame that some of our marriages have less transparency than some of the troubled financial institutions in our country.

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