Mac vs Pc Spoof We Did For Connect

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Here is a video Joel and I did to plug our upcoming involvement event – Connect. Joel did a great job putting this together!

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  1. Great job Matt! If you ever redo it I’d think about having a bigger pew with people sitting on it not connecting but looking straight forward. Then when you scratch your head, the audience will get the “connection.”

    How did you do this? Did you play it in the auditorium? Did you send it by email to members? What all did you do with it? Tell me all about it.

  2. Its all in having a well ironed green screen, the right software/hardware and a youth minister who is a wiz with editing video.

    We are going to have a night called “Connect.” on May 17th in place of LIFE groups. Our deacons and ministry leaders have outlined specific job descriptions for people they need in their ministry and we are going to get people to sign up for those roles that night. In the meantime we have brochures, flyers, this video, announcements, phone tree, etc. to make sure not just the already involved people come. The video is on our website and youtube and will be well advertised.

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