Bible Class Teachers and Small Group Leaders – You Can Help Missionaries Reach the Lost

For those of you who write your own curriculum here is your chance. There have to be zillions of Bible class lessons and small group lessons out there that many of you have written. What will become of them after the people in your congregation have heard them? They will probably sit on hard drives for years until they are deleted with the next computer purchase.

Why not put them to good use to reach the lost and build up existing congregations? Why not share that with those who can put them to good use on the mission field? Missionaries are always looking for resources and what is better than something digital that doesn’t require shipping?

So if you have written your own curriculum and feel like sharing it please send it to me at my email address – and we will make sure they are put to good use and made available here giving you full credit for your work. Thanks in advance!

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