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Further Reflections on The Furious Longing of God

April 28th, 2009 · No Comments · Books, Christianity, Religion

One thing that stands out to me about Brennan Manning is his ability to reflect the attitude of Paul in Philippians 3. Paul had all kinds of things to boast in. He even listed them for us. Then he turns right around and says “Rubbish!” And Paul’s list was quite an impressive one at that! Manning has his own list of “impressive accomplishments” to which he too immediately turns and basically says “Big deal.” I love it when I find people who in a worldly since have every right to say they are big stuff don’t even seem to notice it themselves. Then there are those of us who are small potatoes who want to act big, put on a big show, or get noticed.

I love the fact that Brennan Manning, by his example, is calling us all to careful and reserved introspection to find that even all that is right within us is still so easily tinged by the air of self-importance. I am not in the same circles as Michael W. Smith, Michael Card, Max Lucado, Larry Crabb, or Eugene Peterson and Rich Mullins before his death. But if I was, I would be sorely tempted to let you know about it! Manning is in those circles but it really doesn’t seem like he cares that he is or even that it is any more impressive than running in the same crowd as Harry, Sue, or Bill who attend service at your congregation. I have a lot to learn and I am grateful that I am surrounded by people who are able to help me learn it!

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  • WesWoodell

    Manning is a good author. I read Ragamuffin Gospel and liked it.

    I’m also preaching on Philippians 3 next month, and have been studying it. I believe that chapter is about identity – finding your identity in Jesus, or finding it in how other people percieve you.

    I believe Paul’s identity pre-conversion had more to do with the people around him (as evidenced by what he says in Gal. 1:10) than it did with God.

    When the scales fell off his eyes, not only did he see the world differently, he saw himself differently too.

    I can say the same about my own journey with Jesus, but I still struggle with my identity sometimes. I focus too much on how other people see me instead of being content with who I am in the eyes of Jesus.

    I’m sure I’m not alone.

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