Living Without Really Living

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This weekend I was helping a friend clean out a house that had been used and abused by renters. Windows were smashed, the inside was dirty, piles of clothes were strewn about the backyard. Someone had been living in the shed out back and there were maggots here and there making a stench. What is worse, there were kids toys and clothes in the mix, which made you wonder if kids had lived in the midst of the mess. My friend and I talked about how living in this state wasn’t really living. Yesterday I asked our Sunday school class what would be worse…to pull out of your driveway and get smashed by an 18 wheeler being killed instantly, or to live each and every day without really living?

I wonder how many people have nice tidy homes but on the inside their spiritual house is in the same state of affairs as that rental property we were cleaning up?

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