Lessons from the High Chair

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When Jonah is eating in his high chair he likes to make lots of noise. He does this cute little laugh the whole time he is eating. He reaches for my hand, which is holding the spoon, and pulls it toward his open mouth just laughing and laughing. I think he gets it from me. The other day he had some food spilled on the tray in front of him and instead of eating from the spoon I had that was full of yummy food he insisted on licking the food off the tray. Yuck! He looked like a little dog just licking that nasty tray. It reminded me of how I must look to God sometimes. He has a spoon full of exactly what I need but often I would rather eat the nasty stuff off the tray instead. If I would just keep my focus on him and allow him to fill me up I would be much better off. I wonder how many times we feel empty inside because we are settling for less than God has intended?

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