State of the Church of Christ Blogosphere 2009

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There are many things going on in the Church of Christ blog world that you might want to be aware of.

  1. Grace Conversation is underway. This is a venue for progressive and conservative voices in the Churches of Christ to hammer out the differences in their views and to try to produce a forum to find some unity amidst our diversity. Some people seem to think it is off to a rocky start. I just think those guys are afraid their pet issues might get stepped on and that the effort will be a blessing to the brotherhood. This is the brain child of Todd Deaver who caused a bit of a stir over the last year with his new book Facing Our Failure.
  2. Terry Rush is up to his usual really great regular posts. I am not sure how this brother does it. Even in the midst of directing the Tulsa workshop and having an awful lot of irons in the fire, he is still able to encourage many people through his blogging.
  3. Jay Guin is up to his regular high-quality posting. Even if you disagree with Jay you can’t help but realize that he puts a lot of thought and study into his blog and his contribution to Grace Conversations.
  4. Trey Morgan may be ousting John Dobbs for official title of “King.” What else does he have left after winning Blog of the Year and best Marriage and Family blog? I guess John can always claim Matthew 10:24 in his defense.
  5. I ran into Josh Graves’ blog (HT: Jim Martin) and added him to the sidebar. He has an excellent blog and works with Wineskins magazine. The only thing that could be better would be if he used WordPress 🙂
  6. Jim Martin has posted a series of great interviews with Lynn Anderson, author of They Smell Like Sheep and its sequel – They Still Smell Like Sheep 🙂
  7. Mike Cope has started posting more regularly again.
  8. Zach Cox and Jason Browning are both working through Romans and I am glad to read what they have to say after I have been working on Romans over the past several months myself.
  9. I am enjoying reading from a couple of guys who have started new ministries and the challenges they are facing. Wes Woodell (San Francisco, CA), Charles Kiser (Dallas, TX) and Wade Hodges (Austin, TX) are three guys in that boat. Keep them in your prayers as they are walking in areas new to them but not so new to God who is trying to lead them in the right direction.
  10. Keith Brenton is doing regular communion meditations. Keith is quite a good writer and often has very helpful insights. Have a look.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I appreciate this blog and all the info you give. As for Blog King… I could never replace John. If anything maybe I’m like the Jr. Whopper 🙂

    Jason Browning’s stuff on Romans is excellent. Thanks for the updates.

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