25 Things I Love About the Church

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It is so important than in all our thinking and blogging that we keep the positive aspects of things in front of us. It is easy to gripe. It is easy to find things to complain about. It is easy to critique, rebuke, and write diatribes. But what should come even easier is to write positive things about the church and our fellow Christians. There comes a time when we have to look past differences of opinion and see other people through the common bond of our Lord, faith and commonality of the Holy Spirit being in each one of us.

  1. I love finding family all over the country. I can’t tell you how many brothers, sisters, and grandparents I have adopted throughout my lifetime.
  2. I love being engaged in a mission that is mandated by God with like-minded people.
  3. I love worship! It is amazing to see so many people sing their hearts out every single week because they love God.
  4. The way we eat together. We know how to have a potluck! Nothing like sharing a meal with people.
  5. I love seeing people grow.
  6. I love seeing the lost be found.
  7. I am amazed to see people use their time and talents to the glory of God.
  8. I love when people who have no one find someone in the church.
  9. I love when the grieving get grieved with and when those who have joy have others to celebrate with.
  10. I love when my cup gets filled.
  11. I love when those more mature in their faith help mine grow.
  12. I love when we can disagree in harmony and unity of the Spirit.
  13. I love to see our children’s classes grow.
  14. I love when God is working things out without us even knowing about it.
  15. I love to hear the word preached.
  16. I love to see that people are listening and remember what was said.
  17. I love when I have more people willing to teach than I have classrooms to put them in.
  18. I love our giving even when things are tough economically.
  19. I love to see God provide more than we asked or imagined.
  20. I love to see mature elders who are not trying to get things their way.
  21. I love to see deacons deacon and equip others to expand their ministries.
  22. I love the perspective of our older members.
  23. I love our diversity.
  24. I love to hear children sing praises to God.
  25. I love the fact that God can still use broken people.

What do you love about the church?

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  1. I love the encouragement I receive from my brothers and sisters in Christ. Maybe I encourage them also.

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