Should We Celebrate Easter?

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For those of you not from the Churches of Christ you might wonder why even ask such a question. For those of you who are familiar with the CofC you know exactly why I would ask such a question. We have traditionally backlashed so severely from denominationalism that we have drawn some lines where they need not be drawn. In the process we have dropped perfectly good biblical words like testimony and witness. We have also rejected some things that very much needed to be rejected (the sinner’s prayer, laity/clergy distinctions, etc). We have also put to the side the liturgical calendar that much of the rest of Christianity puts a lot of focus and emphasis on. Because of our tendency to shy away from these things we often find ourselves in awkward situations in the church. Do we have a sermon about the birth of Christ during Christmas or a sermon on the resurrection at Easter? I think the answer is quite simple – yes. We have to be relevant and when 99% of people in the congregation are thinking about those things in our home it makes us seem tremendously out of touch to preach on something else on those days.

What scripture can we turn to for help with this? Romans 14 lays out Paul’s thoughts on these matters completely. He says that it is not wrong to hold some days as special and it is not wrong not to. But whatever you decide, make sure you give it your best! And don’t look down on those who think different than you. So in the church we have to decide what we think about these matters and not look down on other churches or Christian groups who do practice these things. If we have people in the church who recognize lent, let’s not bash or smash them. Let’s honor them and appreciate them. If people don’t think we ought to touch Christmas with a ten foot pole, then don’t trash talk them or disrespect them. Do whatever it takes to show them love and respect even though you differ on these matters.

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  1. I am amazed at just how different my views have changed over the past few years on this very topic. Really, I am amazed at how much lately I have been dwelling on what really happened those few days. I’m just glad he arose!

  2. Thank you for this post. Especially your conclusion: “Do whatever it takes to show them love and respect even though you differ on these matters.” Without love, we are nothing.

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