Preaching – Transition from Motivating to Educating

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It seems like some of the most effective preaching that is going on today is very educational. I don’t mean educational like a dry lecture from Ferris Beuller’s Day off. I mean very engaging but certainly not light on the biblical narrative or even bits and pieces of more complex theology thrown in the mix. I think Andy Stanley is an excellent example of this. He preaches in a way that draws you in without dumbing things down or glossing over things. He seems more interested in educating than he seems in motivating. I think you could make a case that if people “get it” that that in and of itself can be motivating.

Do you think that is true? Do you think people easily go from information to application with no more motivation than education? Or do you think that people need motivational preaching that is peppered with good educational information?

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