Changes at Kingdom Living

Just a few changes to note:

  1. Tabs at the top have change to things that are more practical. The huge blogroll has been taken down as it is basically impossible to maintain. In its place are marriage and family resources. I will probably be expanding the blogroll to the right in the absence of the main blogroll. If you don’t see your name on there sorry about that. I would rather spend time on content for this blog than figuring out who I left out or who I left in. I will get to that eventually…just not a priority right now.
  2. The about tab is gone. You can still access it under my facebook link to the right. I still think it is important to have a little background when you read what someone writes.
  3. Currently Reading links are gone. I didn’t keep up with these very well. Instead, I made a link under the facebook button for my commentary, theology, and ministerial recommendations in an amazon store. If you buy books through that link I get a very small kick back (roughly 5%). Thank you so much to those who have purchased their books through that link. I know you guys buy books anyway! So why not help a brother out 😉 Actually, I hate marketing myself but I do think you will find what is there helpful.
  4. Top posts are now visible in the left sidebar. I avoided this at first because I don’t really care to even think I have “top posts” but I figured someone might see something that would interest them in that list so why not give you a heads up.

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  1. James Wood says:

    I don’t know about wordpress, but since a lot of people think it is tons better than blogger I would expect it to have a feature where you can connect your feed reader to your blog roll to automatically update things. That way you only need to maintain your feed reader and not fiddle with the blog too.

  2. Keep preaching about Jesus. If this works better then great. I look forward to your future thoughts.

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