ZHubert is No More

It is a sad day. The Zhubert website is down for good. I guess I will actually have to open my Greek New Testament now. At least I am up 50% on my retirement account since the beginning of March and I saved a load of money by switching to Geico.

What is Church?

You can find all kinds of answer to that question. Answers range from a building to a specific hour of the week where people get together to sing, eat, listen and talk. Then you get a little more brainy and say in the Greek it comes from two words that together mean to be “called […]

An Analogy for Faith in Light of My Weekend Installing Floors

As I was laying floors this past weekend I thought of a helpful analogy for putting our faith in God even when we can’t see everything God is doing. When you are laying floors it is helpful to have someone troweling glue, someone laying wood into the glue and someone outside cutting. I think our […]