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Right when you thought it died out here it comes again. After a few mind, knee and hand numbing days of laying hardwood floors I need to think about something trivial. So here goes…

  1. I have lived in 5 states (In order – Union, Missouri; Tuscumbia, Alabama; Searcy, Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee; and St. Petersburg, Florida) .
  2. I have attended 5 colleges.
  3. Between my wife and myself we have amassed nearly 500 hours of college credit.
  4. Our students loans will be paid off this year (only 3 years after graduation!).
  5. My only publication was at the ripe old age of 22. It was a chapter on treatments for ADHD in a textbook for pediatric neurology students. I hear JMH has me beat on that one as he published at 16! If someone would send a copy of that to me I would be glad to do a review. John Mark…I am sure you have a few copies sitting around somewhere right? đŸ˜‰
  6. I love to play disc golf and have watched the 12 time world champion Ken Climo play. He lives within 30 minutes of our house here in St. Pete.
  7. I have never had a cup of coffee (Sorry John).
  8. I have never really tried twitter. I made an account but that is as far as I got (Sorry again John).
  9. It is not unusual for me to wade in gator infested water. It always makes you wonder when you feel something bump your feet.
  10. I married up (literally and figuratively).
  11. I am the tallest person in my family at 5′ 6″. I joke that I got all the tall genes.
  12. I think warning labels are hilarious. It always makes me wonder what incident prompted them to make the label. I once saw one on a truck tool box that warned you not to open it up and hit your chin.
  13. I am a numismatist.
  14. I love weird facts and information.
  15. I also enjoy collecting as much Bible literature as possible in a digital format. That is one reason I really appreciate Rob Bradshaw!
  16. I love statistics. I tutored it at Harding and have taken somewhere in the neighborhood of 40+ hours of stats. If anyone tells you factor analysis is a breeze you better look out. I got tutored in factor analysis by a professor in University of Florida’s “Brain Institute”. I just thought that was the coolest sounding building on campus.
  17. I am a sucker for snacks.
  18. Deep down inside somewhere I was born to be a construction worker.
  19. I love to get my hands dirty. I mean literally, in the dirt.
  20. I hate gloves (hence, #19). I would rather get festering callouses than wear gloves.
  21. I think our church is the best in the state of Florida (Sorry Danny D!). I just can’t get over how many loving and kind people there are who are genuinely concerned for others.
  22. I am blessed to work in a church office that clicks. We get along so well.
  23. I love to teach Bible classes and discussions. There is something exciting about making God’s word practical and helping people hear it as if God actually intended to reach their ears.
  24. I have never paid a speeding ticket. I have gotten pulled over 5 times since I was 16 though. 3 warnings and 2 tickets they dropped either at court or prior to the court date.
  25. I can’t end this list without mentioning my wife Missy and my baby boy Jonah. Jonah is now 5 months old and Missy and I have been married for five years as of this month!

No way am I tagging anyone. I am not even going to give the obligatory  – “but if you would like to play along then post 25 things on your blog” line that you read so often. Just go in peace.

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  1. Regarding #8, I’ve gotten about as far as you have. I can’t understand how it’s an advantage over just typing up a new status message on FB. And on top of that, do I really want to always tell everyone what I’m up to?

  2. Never had a cup of coffee??? ??? Say it aint so!

    I share #14. It started at the age of 12 when I felt the compelling urge to memorize the names of every republic, along with their capitals, of the former Soviet Union.

    And I can’t believe you are talking about being a construction worker after the job you just did!

  3. Can’t do it! The Stans are the hardest to remember. I’m thinking Tashkent, but I’m pretty sure that is Uzbekistan.

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