Notes on Romans 1-8

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Here are the notes from our men’s class on Romans 1-8 in pdf.

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  1. Thanks for the notes. I’ve been teaching Romans for about 10 weeks and I’m still in chapter two. Ahhh!! I’m just now putting a blog together (I haven’t told too many, it’s not quite to my liking yet) and will be putting some writings on Romans there. If you don’t mind I will probably put a link up to your notes for those here in East Peoria, IL who are interested. Thanks for the hard work.

    A side note. Are you aware of any good commentaries on Romans by members of churches of Christ? I’ve got tons and it seems that every one is a little outdated. Very few (in fact none, now that I think of it) wrestle with the recent trends in Pauline scholarship (New Perspective, Caesar cult, literary analysis, etc.).


  2. Zach,

    I don’t know any good commentaries in that boat. It certainly is needed. Has College Press put one out? That would be the one to look at if it exists. For non-CofC my must use commentaries on Romans are Wright, Cranfield, and Witherington. There is very little I disagree with Wright and Witherington on. I haven’t used Cranfield as much but what I have read has been solid and many people cite him. Sounds like you should write it!

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