Bringing Transparency to Washington

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I was talking with someone yesterday who mentioned a great idea for Washington. Why not impost a mandatory bi-annual audit of every person in the three branches of government? This would not be for every staffer. This would be for the senate, house, p/vp, cabinet, and main players in the judiciary. We could avoid so much if people just knew this was coming. It would be a great accountability measure.

Do any of you remember news of the 63 questions that potential members of his cabinet had to fill out in order to avoid trying to appoint people with the types of problems we have seen over the last couple of weeks? Here is a link to the New York Times in case you don’t remember. What we have seen over the last several days should never have happened. And what is the difference between Obama saying Geitner is still a great pick but that he “screwed up” on Daschle when they have done pretty much the exact same thing? Wouldn’t the ethical thing to do at this point be to remove Geitner if it was a “screw up” on Daschle?

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