Life or Death Decisions – We Make Them More Than We Know

When I was a graduate student in psychology we had a health psych rotation that dealt specifically with transplantation and gastric bypass. The hospital felt that before someone could be approved for an organ transplant they had to pass a psychological screening in order to make sure that the organs were going to the people […]

Bringing Transparency to Washington

I was talking with someone yesterday who mentioned a great idea for Washington. Why not impost a mandatory bi-annual audit of every person in the three branches of government? This would not be for every staffer. This would be for the senate, house, p/vp, cabinet, and main players in the judiciary. We could avoid so […]

Commenters of Interest at Kingdom Living

I guess I can’t claim Paris Hilton to have ever commented here like Jay has on his blog. But I hope if Paris ever does comment here that her comments are theologically relevant. But every now and again I get a surprise about who has left a comment here or links in from their blog. […]