Upgrading from Free Analog TV to Even Better Free Digital TV

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These digital to analg converter boxes are great! If you haven’t gotten yours it is well worth it! We get 20 channels we didn’t used to get and the ones we used to get now come in crystal clear! Who needs cable when you have 30+ free channels?

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  1. That’s odd. The experience most people should have is a loss of channels. Analog signal receptivity over distance, while digital drops off like it hit a cliff.

  2. I guess when you live in the paradise that is St. Petersburg, Florida you get better reception. Or maybe it is because we live in a HUGE metropolitan area with close proximity to signals from Tampa. That’s probably more like it.

  3. I am so with you! Amy and I hooked ours up a few weeks ago and sat there flipping through the channels giddy with laughter at our new found clarity. We felt like we were stealing cable!

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