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I have updated the small group tab at the top of the blog. It is one of the most visited pages on the blog so I figured I better keep it up to date. Do you have any small group resources or websites that you would add to that page? If so please, leave those links in the comments and I would be glad to give them a look. Also if you know of churches that post their curriculum online I would love to know about it so I can ask permission to add them to the list for small group lesson downloads. Many thanks!

Also, I have changed the NWCOC page to a page called “Series” where I will be posting links to series of posts that have been done on the blog. You will immediately notice that I have a penchant to get halfway through a series and not finish it out here on the blog! I seriously will try to do better with that. Romans will be a complete series and I really want to finish Mark. John is going to take me a lot longer to do. Later I will post other series like the current series on the decline in numbers in the Churches of Christ.

If you have any series you would like to see it never hurts to ask. Blessings,


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