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I am running some searches to find out which church of Christ related blogs are the most read. I don’t want to miss any of the main ones and I am sure there are some popular ones I don’t know about. Which blogs would you want to make sure were considered? So far these have stood out based on Alexa’s traffic rank database:

Al Maxey
Edward Fudge
Cecil hook’s Freedom Ring
Mike Cope
Trey Morgan
Wade Hodges
Jay Guin
Larry James
Milton Stanley
Brandon Scott Thomas
Mark Elrod
Political cartel
Jim Martin
Ocular Fusion
Big White Hat
Patrick Mead’s Tentpegs
Kinney Mabry
Jim McGuiggan
Bill Williams
John Dobbs
Lee Hodges
Rex Butts
Bobby Valentine
Terry Rush
Bobby Ross
John Alan Turner
John Mark Hicks

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  1. Matt,
    You may not remember me but we met last summer. I was visiting my sister, Linda Smock, and we met at Wednesday night services. I remembered you because of your wife, Missy. Her parents were friends of ours in Gainesville (and, before that, Branford).

    I accidentally found your blog and have now been following it for several months. Your thoughts are very inspiring, informational and sometimes just interesting. As of yet, I have not disagreed with you but that time will come (sooner or later I disagree with everyone but don’t usually let that be known).

    Your list of blogs contain several that I read regular (I have read Edward Fudge for 12 or more years). One name not on your list that I read regular is Brian Mashburn ( does not write as often as Edward but I find it to be great. I have no idea how many viewers he has but I highly recommend him. His last blogs have to do with his family.

    Tell Missy and her family hello. We seldom see them as we moved from Gainesville in 1989 to Chipley (on I-10 north of Panama City).

    Keep up the good work.

    Whit Gainey

  2. Whit,

    Thank you for leaving a comment. Linda mentioned to me a while back that you had been reading. I try to welcome disagreement here and hope you feel like this is a safe place to voice your opinions. So let me have it when the time comes! I will certainly tell the Suggs hello. Blessings,



    There are a couple of CofC ladies in my blogroll that you can find at the top of the blog but none of them had the readership of those listed above. One of the things we are seeing in the Churches of Christ is that we have very few ladies blogging about religious, spiritual, and theological issues. One reason for that is probably because there have been few practical reasons for women to get degrees in Bible, especially more advanced degrees like an M.Div. I think we will see that expand in the future as people make women’s roles more murky and as many young ladies in CofC’s have older ladies as mentors/role models who have gotten degrees in Bible. I do not mean to imply you have to have a degree to blog but I do think there are some background issues here that point to why there are few.

  3. Wjcsydney raised an interesting question about popular bloggers in the Church of Christ who are women. I’m not familiar with all of the names on your list. Are all of them white men? Does the Church of Christ have any black, Latino, American Indian, Asian, or men from other ethnic groups who are popular or widely read?

  4. Matt, how do I get a password for his blog? is pretty good and written by a cofC woman, but is more family / adoption centered.

  5. Maybe I am not using right but…..

    1. I was wondering if maybe Al Maxey is up too high. The thumbnail that uses to preview his site is the the site and not Maxey’s home page.

    2. Shouldn’t your blog be on here somewhere?

  6. Clint,

    I have tried several different ways of getting Al Maxey’s rank correct and I still come out with him number 1. I think these ranks might be slightly off due to quirks in alexa. I think these have a very good probability of actually being the top 25, although I would have personally guessed them in a slightly different order.

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