Most Popular Church of Christ Blogs

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I am running some searches to find out which church of Christ related blogs are the most read. I don’t want to miss any of the main ones and I am sure there are some popular ones I don’t know about. Which blogs would you want to make sure were considered? So far these have stood out based on Alexa’s traffic rank database:

Al Maxey
Edward Fudge
Cecil hook’s Freedom Ring
Mike Cope
Trey Morgan
Wade Hodges
Jay Guin
Larry James
Milton Stanley
Brandon Scott Thomas
Mark Elrod
Political cartel
Jim Martin
Ocular Fusion
Big White Hat
Patrick Mead’s Tentpegs
Kinney Mabry
Jim McGuiggan
Bill Williams
John Dobbs
Lee Hodges
Rex Butts
Bobby Valentine
Terry Rush
Bobby Ross
John Alan Turner
John Mark Hicks

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