25 Assumptions that Negatively Impact Personal and Corporate Spritual Growth

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  1. Change is evil.
  2. 99% of the budget is to be directed inward.
  3. Christ died so we could sit in rows and look at the back of people’s heads.
  4. As long as you get the Lord’s supper you can leave.
  5. Community can be achieved through shallow one hour a week interactions.
  6. God’s word can be mastered.
  7. God doesn’t care how we worship him.
  8. The Lord’s supper is a time for dim and dreary reflection.
  9. People get the most from Bible class when you lecture 500 obscure bits and pieces at them for an hour and then run out of time for actual application.
  10. Young people don’t want to get deep in the Word of God.
  11. The Holy Spirit is not active today in the lives of believers.
  12. Prayers are said with as much conviction as though they weren’t making it past the ceiling.
  13. Shepherds exist to make the business and financial decisions of the church.
  14. Our lives are not really worship.
  15. God’s word is a tool used to leverage verses against other people to get your way.
  16. The order of our worship is more important than the attitude in which it is done (from the heart).
  17. The poor get enough help from the government. That’s why I pay taxes.
  18. The response to disaster in a community or the world is to throw money at it and feel less guilty that we couldn’t do more.
  19. Other churches teach so much about giving we just won’t talk about it at all.
  20. We don’t use words like witness or testimony because that sounds too much like the denominations.
  21. Missionaries and ministers do our ministry and evangelism for us. That’s why we give on Sunday.
  22. I don’t really need to know where I fit in the body of Christ.
  23. Doing is more important than being.
  24. My behavior doesn’t really affect my relationship with God.
  25. Someone who cuts me off in traffic is less lovable than myself.

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  1. #22 started out – If I am a member of the body of Christ I must be the appendix because I don’t know what my function is. But that sounded more like a statement of fact than an assumption.

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