25 Things I Am Certain Of

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  1. Jesus is the Son of God.
  2. God is wholly trinitarian by nature.
  3. God desires for the lost to be found.
  4. Having a baby boy was better than I could have dreamed.
  5. Satan and hell are real.
  6. God can use imperfect people.
  7. WordPress is better than blogger (why give a link? You don’t need to go there).
  8. The Gospel is not to be compromised.
  9. Tim Tebow could take Chuck Norris. 30 year old Chuck…now that’s a different story.
  10. The Bible is written to transform me and not the other way around..
  11. I am a weakling.
  12. Dave Ramsey was right about credit.
  13. I am a child of God
  14. Jesus is the only way to the Father
  15. God can run the mile faster than I can.
  16. I will never get my mind around Zechariah or some passages in Joshua.
  17. Self is the biggest obstacle to God ruling our lives.
  18. My wife is beautiful.
  19. Time saving devices eat up more of our time than they save.
  20. 08 Corvettes are fast.
  21. We don’t have what heaven will be like nailed down.
  22. Laying pavers is hard work.
  23. Offering forgiveness to others is harder than receiving forgiveness from God.
  24. Pride is dangerous and often results in a face-to-face meeting with the floor.
  25. God is on my side.

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  1. Define the word “certain”. I have a feeling it’s not the same definition that I would use when I say “I am certain that when I drop my pen, unless prevented by an outside influence, it will fall and hit the floor.”

  2. If this was written in the context of a scientific textbook I would define certain as it pertains to this post. As it is written with the tag “humor” among other things I didn’t intend for it to have any further explanation. 🙂

  3. I have to agree with alot of these.. The one thing I am certain of is I never want to go back to being the “old me”.. The peace that comes along with having a relationship with Jesus Christ is unlike anything I have ever felt before..

    I am going to check out the blue parakeet. sounds like a book I could most definitely benefit from.. God bless ya!!!

  4. Philip,

    Have you tried both? I have and wordpress is tops. 🙂 The only edge I give to blogger is the ability to run java scripts in the sidebar. WordPress.com doesn’t let you do that. 🙁

    As far as #2 I think I know who you are talking about…I am wondering if there is a difference in giving worship to the Holy Spirit and seeing God as trinitarian. I know one who will not sing “Spirit we love you we worship and adore you…” because there is no evidence that we are to give worship to the H.S.

  5. My fav’s:
    #4 – Have to of those type and it only gets better!!
    #10- Still learning this one, the hard way, but lovin every lesson along the way
    #25 – God is AWESOME!
    Thanks for a cool list…ye maketh me thinketh. 🙂
    Jo Ann

  6. The smiley face basically says your visit is being counted. I wish they could have hid that behind the template or put it down in the corner. What is strange is that I see it too and my own visits are not counted in my wordpress stats so I am not sure if it works they way they say it does.

  7. Trey,

    I was a little cautious about putting that on there. That is why I didn’t add a Chuck Norris tag. I figured he might search for himself and come and beat me up or something.

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