Try Out Different Moustache Styles – Schick Manscaping

Wow, please try this out. Missy and I laughed so hard we were in tears. It is just a little work to get just right but my goodness you will laugh so hard. Here is the link to Schick’s manscaping site. These are the same guys who brought us fight for kisses, which made me laugh almost this hard. And thanks to Ysmarko for bringing this to my attention. Here are a few examples…


mdmoustache2There are about a dozen different styles to choose from. I hope posting these don’t come back to haunt me.

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  1. Greate site, although I could do without the crazy eyes…

  2. I’d love to see you in a fu manchu, Matt.

    I wish I could grow a fu manchu. I’d drop the chin-strap for that in a heart beat.

  3. Mark says:

    I’ll have to say this is one of the most important blog posts I’ve read in a long time. I LOVE this. haha

  4. It’s already haunting me!

  5. I remember what the creepy eyes reminded me of. Ever seen “Red Dragon?” Where the serial killer sticks broken pieces of mirror in his victims eyes?


  6. Bobbi Stephens says:

    What’s up with the eyes. If growing facial hair makes your eyes do that – then you should stick with the clean cut look.

  7. AShish says:

    Hi, After reading through dozens of articles on the manscaping tool, I tried to search for the tool, but seems it is moved from the URL, would anyone have the updated link?

  8. Excellent post. I will be dealing with a few of these
    issues as well..

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