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There are two blogs that stand out to me in how well they offer encouragement to so many people. The first is John Dobbs’ Out Here Hope Remains. Not only does he have a cool last name, he also knows how to help uplift people and carry out many of the “one another” passages through his blog on a regular basis. The only thing I can hold against John is his love for coffee…besides that he is an all around good guy. John is a minister in Louisiana and has been blogging for quite some time. He is well known for his recovery work following Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast. Some even call him the Blog King. That is a pretty nifty title but I think he would be more appreciative of the title of king of encouragement. If you don’t read his blog you really should! Here is the link.

The second is Terry Rush’s blog, Morning Rush. Terry has a way of talking about things in a way that makes you want to be as excited about whatever it is as much as he is. I still haven’t figured out how he does it, he just does. He writes to encourage ministers and non-ministers alike. I often find much of what he writes especially encouraging to elders and deacons. Terry also has a wonderful series on evangelism called 100% Natural Evangelism on DVD. We used it in our men’s class and it was excellent material. Terry is also known for his work directing the Spiritual Growth Workshop in Tulsa.

Another two blogs that would be wise to subscribe to if you want a well written, frequently updated read that you will find encouraging over and over again. I thank God for these two men.

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  1. Hmmm… the Dobbinator. I still think the Dabbinator is tops. 🙂

    And Terry Rush is really blessing our church family with his 100% Natural Evangelism series. My church family LOVES him! They want to steal the DVD’s away from me every Wednesday night after Bible Class. I haven’t quite figured out his secret yet, either, and I know what you mean about trying to figure it out. It seems like that he has an enthusiasm about life in God’s mission that is infectious. I think that might be it. I’d like to hear him talk sometime about how he nurtures & fosters that sense of enthusiasm within himself.

  2. BTW, thanks for the links. One of my favorite things about blogs is finding links to places I’d never heard of before. Mark Adams is great at that. You’ve pointed me in the direction of a couple of cool blogs lately that I’ve enjoyed so far. Thanks for that.

  3. Matt, I’m very far behind in my googlereader, but I’m making my way through the posts. So i just tonight saw this. I’m so encouraged that you included me in this post. I love the way you have used your blog for so much more than just a few personal reflections. Those are great…but yours is truly a resource. Thanks for the mention. An additional joy is to be mentioned alongside Terry Rush…who is a hero to me.

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