A Self Divided…Alabama vs. Florida the SEC Championship Game

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I grew up a Bama fan. My dad grew up in Sheffield, Alabama and we would always travel down from St. Louis to Muscle Shoals each thanksgiving to visit my grandparents and we would watch the iron bowl against Auburn. I grew up a Bama fan. But then things changed. When I graduated from Harding I had the opportunity to do graduate work at the University of Florida. That was within 6 months of Alabama beating Florida for the second time that season in the SEC championship series in 1999 so I was a little nervous to have an Alabama plate on my car. After being in Gainesville for two years and attending many of the games I found a shift taking place. I started pulling for Alabama AND Florida but would pull for the tide if they were playing the gators. As the last few years rolled on I found a change taking place. I began pulling more for the gators and less for the tide. I don’t mean I pull against the tide…they were the team I grew up with! But I knew something had changed when I started pulling for UF in the event they would play Alabama. So here we are, the day of the SEC championship. And guess who is playing, Alabama and Florida with hopes of a national title on the line. Sorry all you bama fans out there…I am with you the rest of the season but today my allegiance is with UF! Go gators.

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