A Big Thanks to Rob Bradshaw and Milton Stanley for Providing Free Biblical Resources

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When I think about getting theological resources from the web I cannot help but think of Rob Bradshaw and Milton Stanley. Milton is in constant pursuit of quotes and links on preaching as well as many links to online commentaries and theological resources. If you enjoy reading about preaching and getting lots of theological information and online commentaries you have to take a look at Milton’s blog. You can see his blog here or subscribe to receive his new posts here.

I also love what Rob Bradshaw is doing over at his biblical studies blog. Rob goes through a great deal of trouble to maintain license to copy and reproduce many important articles from many theological publications to provide them to the online community free of charge. His blog is a must read and honestly a must subscribe blog if you have any interest whatsoever in reading theology/biblical studies. You can subscribe to his blog here. Just to give you an idea of how much content he produces, he has 41 posts featuring F.F. Bruce in full text. He reproduces everything from the tables of contents of various journals to a huge array of full text articles from some of the most prominent scholars. If you haven’t visited his blog you really should.

Also, if you are still going from blog to blog looking for new entries without using a feed reader you are really wasting a lot of time! Feed readers like bloglines and google reader are a wonderful way to actually read more blogs in less time by getting only the new posts from your favorite blogs all in one place.

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  1. Bobby,

    Thanks for stopping in. I always appreciate reading what you write.


    I don’t know what I would do without a blog feed reader. I would probably go nuts.


    Always glad to give a shout out for those who work tirelessly to bless the rest of us.

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