Little Gator Fan Hopes for Big Win Over Alabama


Jonah says “Go gators!”

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  1. Brett says:

    Poor kid. Next thing you know he is going to play disc golf.

  2. Matt, I hold this against you: you have left your first love. Remember the ***height*** from which you have fallen! Repent!

    “Then I said to them: What is this high place you go to?’ ” (It is called Bama to this day.)”


  3. mattdabbs says:

    I didn’t see the light until I attended UF. It seems that your time at UF didn’t help you understand your need to repent!

  4. It’s clear that some people can resist peer pressure, and other people go marry the enemy & lose themselves in the process


    You know I’m j/k buddy. I’m looking forward to a great game. And even if the Tide go down, I’ll be happy for my Gator friends.

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