Obama Defeats McCain

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Hopefully tomorrow we will have a picture of McCain triumphantly holding up a newspaper with that as the headline…

As far as I can tell McCain had no campaign. When he debated you couldn’t understand half of his explanations. He didn’t pursue Obama on his weaknesses. He didn’t tell us clearly and concisely what his plan is and why it is better than Obama. He seemed out of touch with his 90% agreement with Bush and his statement about the fundamentals of the economy being strong. He didn’t explain how Obama misused and misquoted his policies to lead people to a false understanding of his plans. He didn’t separate himself from Bush very well. Saying maverick over and over again does not get the job done. He left the uninformed believing that a vote for him was a vote for a third Bush term.

Obama on the other hand campaigned brilliantly. While I don’t trust very much of what he has to say and I wholeheartedly disagree with him on his willingness to kill babies in the womb…he ran a marvelous campaign technically speaking. He has set the bar for a new age of running campaigns, mobilizing people, using technology, and giving people something to rally behind. He showed us that a society that is about image will vote image as well as issues. I hope the Republicans take a good look at how he ran this campaign to learn for the future how to be a winner rather than just having pseudo-conservative stances on important issues.

However this turns out, let’s pray that the man who wins seeks God out earnestly for guidance and does what is best for this country and not just for special interest groups.

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