10 Things I Wish They Had Told Me Prior to Jonah’s Birth

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Today is Jonah’s two week birthday so in honor of that here is the list…

1 – Epiderals are not available for husbands upon request. I was really disappointed about that. It sure would have made labor and delivery easier on me.

2 – The first two weeks are really rough! Who would have guessed that adding a baby who doesn’t know when it is day or night into your household might disrupt sleep and cause anxiety? Missy and I were laughing this morning that when he makes his little sounds in the crib it is cute in the morning when we are waking up but the exact same noises are frustrating at night when we are trying to get some sleep.

3 – My son would view me as his personal toilet. I am not kidding…Jonah thinks that when I hold him he is allowed to go to the bathroom and it usually runs right out the leg hole and onto all my clothes. He did this four times in 24 hours this weekend. But never on Missy. I must be relaxing to him and cold.

4 – That Jonah would be this cute. I mean I knew he had at least a 50% shot at being cute due to Missy’s genetics but come on…this cute?

5 – How nasty umbilical cords and belly buttons can be in the first 10 days. Those things are nasty.

6 – That the pack and play is half an inch narrower than our doorways no matter how you collapse it. We are going to have some banged up walls and a banged up pack and play. I sure thought those things were supposed to make things easier.

7 – That kids know to pee right after you change their diaper. That is one really sneaky trick.

8 – That sleeping newborns are the cutest and scariest things in the world. He is so cute laying there but then you can’t help but wonder if he is still breathing.

9 – That due to hypersensitive testing devices that all newborns are declared jaundice at birth. Throw the lights on the kid and get it done with at the hospital in a few hours. Instead they send you home with them to wrestle with it for weeks.

10 – That I could love my wife so much. She does so much for him and it really blows my mind how loving and kind she is. She has really taught me a lot in the last two weeks.

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  1. So much learned in only 2 weeks!! Just wait to see what comes next!!!! Lots and lots of learning! (and most of it is fun!)
    P.S. I have an extra pack and play should you damage the new one beyond repair! (:

  2. About that pack n play…Have you discarded the bag it goes into yet? You will. Either the bag shrinks or the pack n play grows over time. I could never get that thing back into the bag!!!!!

  3. That picture of Missy & Jonah is just the sweetest. I can’t stop staring at it. Missy’s love & Jonah’s dependence just leap out of the photo.

    And great post, too. So many reflections in just two weeks time. Sounds like an exhilarating experience.

  4. Beautiful photo of Missy and Jonah. You are right…they don’t come with an instruction book. You just do the best you can. Listen to all the advice from all the little ladies at church (I’m sure you will get a lot since you are a preacher). Take want you want and forget the rest. and PRTAY<PRAY<PRAY !

  5. it’s time to get a stupid stamp, missie will wan’t to use that thing on your fore head a lot ….buy extra ink.

    and you think i’m kidding…. BOY ARE YOU STUPID




  6. Dude, keep the seatbelt buckled. Next comes the pee-when-the-diaper’s-off trick, diarrhea up the back, and many, many more. Like I said, uh, . . . Enjoy!

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