Christianity and Politics

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Obama, Biden, McCain, and Palin all attend Christian churches. We tend to turn a blind eye when politicians do things for political expediency but what standard do you hold politicians to when they are also Christians? Is it fair for them to misquote the other on purpose for political expediency? Is it fair for them to lie about their stances and deny that they said certain things when in fact they did? Should we turn a blind eye when they distort each other’s voting records to scare people from voting for them? Should we willingly accept advertisements that are totally false and end with “I am ________ and I approve this message”? I am having a hard time with all of this because if they are Christians then shame on them for using these tactics. Shame on them for approving messages that are full of lies, half-truths, and misquotes. Shame on them for not carrying out a peaceful candidacy. There is something sinister about our political system and it is not healthy for us as a nation and as individuals and families. It is time the Republicans call out McCain for his missteps and say “We cannot stand for you talking that way.” It is time for Democrats to call out Obama for his missteps and misdirections and say, “You are held to a higher standard than that.” We get so afraid that if we point out flaws in our candidate that someone may not vote for them…but the truth is the truth and we have to hold our people to higher standards than this.

I just filled out my mail-in ballot and it was really hard for me to vote for either one of those men. I almost did a write in vote for Jesus bar Joseph because I have a hard time putting my endorsement on anyone who has led as misleading a campaign as both sides have done this time around. I am disgusted at how things have turned out this year and I cannot say that I am happy with either side.

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  1. Amen. Great article.
    We need to realize that the vote we cast on
    Tues Nov. 4, will not only affect this generation but the
    next generation as well. If you figure a generation is
    40 years, that means our vote will affect us for the
    next 80 years. Now tell me your vote doesn’t count.
    Now tell me that holding Politicians to a higher standard isn’t worth our time and effort.
    Now tell me it’s not time to hold all Americans responsible for how they vote. Let’s put Christ back
    into Christianity. Start by casting a vote for the
    candidate that best represents Christ, and Christian
    values. Which candidate is that ?
    It’s the one that after prayer and fasting God tells you to
    vote for.

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth. I am seriously considering voting for Barr; not because I buy the whole of the libertarian position (I don’t) but because he is the only candidate who has come clean about exactly what he is for. I don’t believe everything he says, but I believe that he believes everything he says.

  3. I am right there with you. In fact both my wife and I are truly disappointed by candidates who can claim Christianity when it suits their purpose but can completely forget their Christian convictions when such convictions are inconvenient.

    But I also think this ought to be a wake-up call to voters who think that there is a clear and easy choice for anyone who is a Christian, whether that choice is Democrat, Republican, or other. It is just as hypocritical of Christian voters when they continue to support candidates whose values do not reflect the gospel and give that support without any criticism.

    Grace and peace,


  4. I think that this election season has been eye-opening for a lot of us. I’m not sure I hold it against the candidates for how their ads have attacked their opponent the same way that you do. Political campaigns are “tough” — at least that’s the word they are wont to use. And I think that there is a way to be both tough & fair. There have certainly been moments where both sides have crossed the line of fairness.

    I think the larger question is one of whether a Christian can TRULY aspire to be President. To be the kind of politician it takes to cater to his own party & pander to independents in a way that stretches truth. To become a commander in chief who is charged with protecting American life with force that will more than likely take life. I guess by posing this question it sounds like I’m calling into question the quality of faith of the four candidates — that’s not my intention. But that the strident demands of both Christian faith & Presidential politics may be like trying to fit the Statue of Liberty through the eye of a needle. 😉

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