We Can’t Afford John McCain? The Truth

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I keep seeing this Obama commercial that says “We can’t afford John McCain.” That naturally made me wonder who is actually proposing more spending for the presidency. Wouldn’t it be odd if Obama said McCain can’t be afforded as a president if Obama was actually proposing more spending? I thought so. So I looked it up and here is what I found on the National Taxpayers Union Website:

As of September 25, John McCain is proposing to increase spending from their current levels by $92.4 billion annual federal spending.

Barack Obama has proposed $293 billion in increases to annual federal spending. Now to be fair, that is down from a proposed $343 billion back in June. That amount is including saving $90 billion per year from removing troops from Iraq.

Does it strike you as odd that Obama would approve a message saying we cannot afford McCain when he is proposing more spending than McCain? I certainly have a problem with it. That is misleading to try to disqualify your opponent for something you are even more guilty of! I think these commercials need full disclosure of these facts in the footnotes or as a caption at the end so we can have all the facts and not half-truths, made up stories, or misleading statements. By the way, here is another interesting link from the National Taxpayers Union.

I am Matt Dabbs and I approve this message.

See the next post for an informal election poll.

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