Newborn Care Class…Solo

Well, MIssy is on bedrest for two weeks so keep her in your prayers! We signed up for a newborn care class that met last night and I went solo  because she had to rest. That was interesting. They had all the guys come up and change the diapers and bathe some dolls in front of the class. It is quite a different experience staring back at a bunch of strangers without seeing your lovely wife smiling back at you adoringly as you try your best. I took a lot of notes to bring home and discuss with Missy. We are in for a wild ride…this thing called parenthood.

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  1. take care, missy and do what the doc tells you to do. you’ll do fine going solo for a while, matt! i have faith in you!

  2. Bobbi Stephens says:

    It will be the best roller coaster ride you have ever been on!

    It is the learn as you go plan – and just remember not to beat yourself up too bad when you make a mistake. The beauty of God’s design is that they won’t remember.

    Just remember instructions – head up – don’t shake or drop – and love them so very much! You can’t t go wrong there.

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