Jesus Rebukes the Insiders

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When you look to Jesus as a model for evangelism you notice that he doesn’t spend his time rebuking the outsiders to the faith. When Jesus rebukes people he rebukes the people who knew better – the insiders. How often do we turn a blind eye to sin in the lives of other Christians but are quick to rebuke a world that doesn’t know any better? The fastest way to close the door to an outsider’s heart is to start with a firm rebuke. The quickest way to open it is to engage in loving and respectful dialoge where we listen at least as much as we speak.

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  1. Great point and post. I think a great deal of the reasoning for not wanting to point out to other Christians when they are slipping is because we are afraid of what they will point back at. It seems as if we often forget we weren’t given a spirit of fear as long as we live as Christ would have us live.

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